Emotional Systems: Evolutions solutions to the challenges of living

Activation and regulation to help us flourish and thrive.

Connection system: activating closeness, grief and when need be - panic.

"The best medicine for grief is the warmth and comfort we gain from our loving relationships.” Jaak Panksepp Connection to ourselves, others and our world is vital for our wellbeing. We need a healthy CONNECTION system which enables: CONNECTION and emotional closeness with others and...


Safety System: rest and digest or flight and freeze?

This system is vital because it quickly alerts us to danger, preparing us for running away (flight) or staying still (freezing).Our safety system enables us to recover, to ‘rest and digest’ when danger has passed. We rest and digest when the coast is clear. We sleep and play, explore and put our...


Assertiveness system

The fight of "fight and flight" - this is the system that enables us to speak our truth, stand up for what is right and when necessary fight. A system that has evolved in the context of a competitive world, those who could stand up for their needs, were more likely to survive. But as we are more...


Seeking system

This system gives us energy and motivation to forage in the world for what we need. A “go-and-find-and-get what you need and want” system for everything we need – from food and shelter, to work and play. We can only survive if we have a system which spots which resources are needed, wanted and...


Emotional systems - introduction and a little about my mission

My mission is to educate the world about our innate emotional systems. The systems that guide and power our life. The systems that when blocked - impact our mental and physical health, and shortens our life span. Only by working together can we build a culture of connection and emotional...