Emotional systems for Belonging

Four of the seven primary emotional systems are mammalian emotional systems which support relationships and community, as well as enabling us to thrive and be ourselves.

  • A healthy CARE system enables us to connect with others, care for others and receive care ourselves.
  • A healthy GRIEF system alerts us when we are losing or have lost someone or something we love – it sharpens our perception so we can quickly find what we have lost and it encourages us to connect with others as we grieve our losses when they haveĀ gone.
  • A healthy SEXUAL DESIRE system alerts us to potential mates and activates biological and behavioural responses which alerts them that we are available, it also brings us closer together with our partners, creating an intimacy that builds a strong foundation internally and externally.
  • A healthy PLAY system supports our social lives and social learning like no other system, we use play to trial and error real life situations in a safe environment, to bear difficulties and to build intimacy within all our relationships.